Preschool Sunday School Floater

Preschool Sunday School Floater will assist preschool hall teachers with classroom responsibilities during the Sunday School program for one of the Sunday School hours on Sunday mornings. 

Personal Responsibilities:

  • Floaters should remain spiritually healthy and vibrant.  Personal study and devotion to God’s Word is expected of all children’s ministry volunteers. 
  • Floaters should strive to participate in the 4 E’s of the church, encountering God in worship, encouraging one another in Life Groups, equipping themselves for ministry through discipleship, and engaging in ministry and evangelism inside and outside of the church. 
  • Complete any required training courses (Safe Kids). 
  • Plan to attend teacher training seminars and workshops (whenever possible). 

Floater Responsibilities:

Sunday Morning

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the Sunday School hour. (9:15 for the 9:30 Sunday School, and 10:45 for the 11:00 Sunday School)
  • Check-in with SS Host or Pastor Dustin to learn where you are most needed on a given Sunday morning.  
  • Step into a classroom to welcome and supervise children when a teacher is running late.
  • Assist classroom teacher in greeting parents and children upon arrival to classroom.
    • Engage children in play or activities while classroom teacher is interacting with parents.
    • Answer questions for visitors.  
  • Assist classroom teacher with craft or other classroom activities.   
  • Assist classroom teacher with snack and free play using centers or outside playground.  
  • Commit to being regular in attendance and display a servant’s heart to help with any age group (birth to 4s). This commitment could be weekly or on a monthly rotation with other volunteers (1st Sunday of every month, etc.).   

Outside of Sunday Morning

  • Provide sufficient notice to Pastor Dustin of any planned absences.
  • Be open to filling in as a substitute for a preschool hall teacher or assisting with a particular task if a regular substitute cannot be secured.  
  • Pray earnestly for our children’s ministry efforts. 

Ready to learn more or begin getting equipped to serve? Contact Pastor Dustin by email @, phone @ 804-672-6811, or by using the contact form below.