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The Blessing of Our Deacon Ministry

One of the signs of health at SMRBC is our team of godly deacons. The word “deacon” literally means “servant,” and our deacons exemplify Christlike service among us. Since they serve so often behind the scenes, I wanted to highlight and celebrate these men and the essential work they do for us as a church family.    Our deacons serve with a team approach, working together for the care and unity of the church. Like the first deacons in Acts 6, they take care of needs so that the mission of the church can move forward.

Here are some of the key deacon ministries that strengthen the body:

  • Benevolence – helping members in moments of financial need
  • Bereavement – comforting members in times of loss
  • Hospital visits – encouraging and praying for members when sick and recovering
  • New Member visits – welcoming new members as they join the church family
  • Reaching out to members who have become inactive
  • Prayer and decision counseling at the end of our 9:30 and 11:00 worship services
  • Recommending worthy ministries to receive the 10.5 percent of our budget that we give away to ministry partners (100 Line items)
  • Assisting the pastors with biblical church discipline when needed

As you can see, our deacons serve alongside our pastors to carry out many vital ministries. Please join me in thanking God for these men. Pray for them, their wives, and their children. And join us Sunday night, September 25 for an ordination service for our two newest deacons (Click Here for Details).

Our active deacons for 2022-23 are:

Bob Anderson
Randall Atkins
JB Atkinson
Tim Brooks
Mark Bryant
Norman Chewning
Jim Courson
Lavan Dauberman
Matt Elban

George Gordon
Blaine Harvey
Roger Haun
Ryan Munsey, Chairman
Andy Perkins
Charlie Riedlinger
Don Skinner
Lynn Terrill
Josh Beason, yokefellow (apprentice)