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Pointing Mormons to Christ

NOTE: Originally posted August 2022. With the opening of the Mormon temple at the corner of Mountain Rd and Staples Mill Road, your pastoral staff felt the timing to be good to repost this article...

In love, we send missionaries to distant places to reach those who do not know Christ. We have the same passion to reach the lost in our own hometown. The new Mormon temple down the street is a sad but important reminder that there are many desperately lost and blinded right here. We must be ready to point these Mormon neighbors to genuine faith in Christ. Though our Mormon neighbors have an image of wholesome living, they are desperately in need of salvation through Christ alone. Though the religion calls itself “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”, it is not a true church and they do not know or preach the biblical Jesus.

Because our Mormon neighbors have been misled by false prophets and counterfeit scriptures, you will need to be familiar with some of the key errors of their religious systems. As you will see, Mormonism is not simply another denomination. It is an entirely different belief system that contradicts the message of the Bible in many critical ways. The resources included in the attached document will equip you to identify some of the errors of Mormonism and help you as you share the gospel with a Mormon missionary at your door or with a Mormon friend in your life.

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