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Here are 4 reasons you can have confidence in the chaos of 2020

  1. God has allowed the events you are experiencing in 2020 God is fully aware of COVID-19 and the toll it has taken on you.  God knows your grief over loved ones lost. God knows about the mask you wear, the work and schooling challenges you have faced, and even the complications to your upcoming holiday plans.  He is sovereign and in control even in the things you do not like.  What about the election? God is sovereign over this too! Jesus remains King of kings and Lord of lords and you are right to fully trust in Him.
  2. God determined that you would live in 2020 You are alive this year because God planned for you to be here in the midst of these circumstances.  This is not random.  He calls you to faithfully love and serve Him in the unique challenges you are facing.  Previous generations served the Lord during famines, exiles, world wars, and earlier pandemics.  This is your God-ordained time to lift up the name of Jesus before a broken world that desperately needs to know Him.
  3. God is advancing His plans in 2020 Difficulties do not mean God’s plans are failing. Have you not read 2 Timothy?  Have you not read Jeremiah? Have you not read Revelation?  Perhaps it is time to read them again. It is critical that you flood your mind with biblical truth in these days!  Your faith will grow as you see how God has been at work through every chapter of history, no matter how difficult.
  4. God is at work in His church in 2020 New friends have joined our fellowship.  Our missionaries are still serving around the world.  Life Groups are ministering to each other and are growing in the Word.  Grow Groups are forming, where disciples are multiplying.  Our new counseling ministry is providing help and encouragement.  Faithful volunteers are giving their all each Sunday to facilitate in person and online worship.  Generosity is on display through our new channels of giving, advancing the gospel and helping the needy. And through all of the craziness and division of 2020, we are walking through these days together as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Be confident, joyful and faithful!

Show the world around you what confidence in Christ looks like.  True, there is much you do not like, but do not be known for anger and complaining.  Display the joy of the Lord that even a pandemic and election season cannot steal from you.  Your assignment has not changed because of COVID-19.  You have a clear God-given role to play in His world in 2020.  You are His ambassador.  You are a peacemaker.  You are salt and light.  By His grace and through His Spirit “live up” to your high calling in Christ! In His Sermon on the Mount Jesus is showing us what this looks like.

In Him,

Jim Booth

Staples Mill Road Baptist Church