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Being Salt and Light in the Realm of Politics

We are a gospel-centered church. This means we keep our eyes locked on our Savior and on our role of celebrating and sharing His good news. We are passionate about discipleship, ministry, and missions. We are committed to being “rooted in truth” and “reaching in love.” Without losing that focus, how do we as Christians engage in our civic responsibilities of voting and other political involvement? Here are several thoughts that I believe should guide our engagement in political matters:

  1. As disciples, we engage in the political process for the good of our fellow citizens. Love motivates us to vote, write letters to our representatives, attend rallies and more in causes that promote what is good according to God’s Word. We believe that everything God calls true and good in the Bible is truly good and best for all people. We would never seek to create a theocracy, but love demands we promote things like a biblical understanding of marriage, men and women, pre-born life, care for the elderly, religious freedom, and the fair treatment of all people. Love demands we oppose ideas that are not true and are harmful.
  2. As disciples, we engage in the political process in ways that do not harm our gospel witness. Because our primary task is reaching the lost and making disciples, we cannot engage in politics like unbelievers. There is no place for rage, violence, name-calling, or dishonesty in our political engagement. We can disagree and debate important issues, but we must do so in a way that demonstrates our ultimate concern for the eternal soul of the other person. We can steadfastly oppose ungodly agendas, while still maintaining proper honor for those in positions of authority. Ultimately, we are called to be ambassadors for Christ, seeking to reconcile people to God through the gospel. Be sure your posts and politics do not obscure Jesus in your life. Let them see Jesus.
  3. As disciples, we engage in the political process with biblical discernment. We must correctly understand the issues. It is no secret that many politicians, campaigns, and journalists are dishonest. There are also organizations and outlets that promote unfounded conspiracies. Where do we go for reliable information? On the state level I find our partners at the Family Foundation very helpful. Check them out at: Nationally, Dr. Albert Mohler’s daily podcast The Briefing has been helpful to me in analyzing cultural issues from a biblical worldview. You can check it out at:
  4. As disciples, we engage in the political process without fear, worry, or panic. We know the God who governs all things by His sovereign hand. We know the root of all our societal problems is sin – that apart from Christ, men love darkness rather than light. God has already told us how all things will end. Jesus is coming to judge the world and will make all things right at last. We may grieve what we see in the culture. We may have righteous anger at evils we see. We use our influence here for good, knowing our ultimate citizenship is in heaven. America will one day pass away. Only the Kingdom of God is eternal. We belong to that Kingdom. We remain confident in God and in His plan.

So disciple, be full of the Spirit. Vote. Be salt and light. Speak the truth in love. Point people to Jesus. Share the gospel. Pray for another great awakening in our country!