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Afghan Refugee Relief

With the mass exodus out of Afghanistan, we anticipate thousands of refugees in the coming days and weeks. SMRBC will be cooperating with other SBCV churches with ministry opportunities to meet practical needs.


There are opportunities to serve these refugees both presently and coming soon. SMRBC will be coordinating with the SBCV and with other volunteer agencies to look for opportunities to help.

Are you interested and able to help minister to these refugees? Please let us know by filling out this interest form. As we learn more about the opportunities to serve, we will be in touch with you to see if you can be a part of an SMRBC volunteer team.

Fill Out Our Refugee Assistance Interest Form


*** PLEASE NOTE: This Sunday, Sept 20th, will be the last day for clothing and supplies to be dropped off at SMRBC. They report that enough materials have been collected at this point to meet needs. We will let you know if more items are needed later. ***

Many refugee families are arriving at Fort Lee, Fort Pickett, and Quantico with very little more than the clothes on their back. We will be collecting the following items at SMRBC and delivering them weekly, coordinating with the logistics put into place by SBCV churches and partnerships. You can bring them to the church foyer on Sundays or Wednesday evenings or to the church office during the week. You can also ship supplies online through Amazon or give monetary contribution through Send Relief. New/unused items only please.

  • CLOTHING (summer / fall clothes only; winter clothes will be considered starting in late September)
    • MEN (18+)
      • Unbranded, modest clothing like shirts, pants in all sizes (no shorts or tank tops)
    • WOMEN (18+)
      • Unbranded, modest clothing like long sleeve crew neck shirts, modest short sleeve shirts, pants in all sizes (no shorts, dresses, or tank tops)
    • CHILDREN (4yr – 17yr)
      • Same items as listed above in all age ranges and sizes (long sleeves and pants)
    • BABY (0mo – 4yr)
      • Baby and newborn clothes, hats, and socks
      • Undergarments for men, women, and children
        • Modest underwear
        • Socks
      • Hats for all ages (cold & warm weather)
      • Shoes & slide-on sandals for men, women, and children (no flip flops)
  • CHILD-SPECIFIC ITEMS (some bulk items accepted)
    • Diapers (assorted sizes)
    • Diaper cream
    • Baby wipes
    • Baby shampoo
    • Baby lotion
    • Formula (no powder, only liquid)
    • Bottles (no glass)
    • Infant & child blankets / swaddles
    • Spoons
    • New pacifiers
    • Toys (not battery-operated)
    • Sports balls
  • MISC (all unbranded if able)
    • Phone chargers (wall adapter and cord, iPhone and Android)
    • Reusable, durable water bottles (no glass)
    • Backpacks
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray
  • FOOD & WATER (individually packaged wherever possible)
    • Water bottles (no glass)
    • Water-soluble electrolyte, hydration, and vitamin powders / liquids
  • HYGIENE (individually packaged)
    • Feminine hygiene products (pads only, no tampons)
    • Bars of soap (no liquid soap)
    • Shampoo
    • Combs / brushes
    • Deodorant
    • Towels
    • Washcloths
    • Toothpaste / toothbrushes
    • Shower shoes
    • Toilet paper
    • New masks (disposable or reusable)
    • Gloves
    • Hand sanitizer

Amazon Wish List

You can also purchase from an Amazon Wish List that has been assembled with items needed. Please ship directly to the address attached to the list (Team Rubicon, Eagle Landing - Fort Pickett, Blackstone, VA).

View Amazon Wishlist

Monetary Contribution Thru SEND Relief

Monetary gifts are also encouraged. You can give through and choose “Care for Refugees.” 

Give at SEND Relief


  • There is extraordinary power in intentional prayer! Please join us in praying over the Afghanistan refugee crisis using the Afghan Refugee Prayer Guide.
  • Attend the SEND Relief Care for Refugees Workshop on September 10 online by registering here.