Every believer is called to "Engage" -- ministering to others and sharing the Gospel. We hope that you'll find a place to minister inside the church as well as outside, and will look for opportunities to build relationships, care for the community around you, and share what Christ has done for you. Here are some resources:

Bless Every Home

Bless Every Home is a resource that will help you to identify your neighbors, begin praying for them by name, and track your ministry with them. Learn more at https://smrbc.org/bless-every-home.

SMRBC Wristbands

SMRBC Wristbands are a simple tool, available in our foyer, to help you share the Gospel. Each wristband is a gift that can be given away, with symbols that represent simple points of the Gospel. Give it to someone you're praying for and point to the symbols as you share the Gospel! Learn more at http://www.smrbcwristband.com/

SMRBC - Ways To Serve

We are all called to use our gifts and abilities together in the church to accomplish His Mission. Go to https://smrbc.org/ways-to-serve to explore some of the volunteer opportunities available at SMRBC, or connect with us to speak about more opportunities and ideas of how you can serve with the church to reach more with the Gospel!