Serve as a Greeter

Thank you for your interest in the Greeting Ministry! Our role, as SMRBC greeters, is to welcome guests and attendees of our church.

Each person coming to SMRBC, whether guest or regular attender, has their own story and is in their own place in God’s plan for them.We want every person at SMRBC to feel welcome and relaxed, to find their way easily through the church, and to be able to focus on what God has for them without distraction or concern.

What does a greeter do?
  • Identify Yourself as a Helper. First things first -- when you sign up as a greeter we will print a nametag for you and place it at the information desk. Each Sunday you can go to the desk and put on that nametag, which helps identify you to guests as someone who can help. You are invited to put it on even on Sundays you're not at a door so that guests can know you're there to help wherever they see you!
  • Provide a friendly welcome to all guests at the main entrances to the church prior to Worship or other events and classes. Greeters will typically hold open doors for guests, and greet them with a smile and a "hi," "good morning," or "welcome."
  • Provide direction for anyone needing information or help. Greeters can answer simple questions about whether to go upstairs or downstairs or what to do with an umbrella. Often, greeters can and should walk new guests to the information desk in the foyer to help them find classes, get more information, or find any help they need.
  • Introduce them to their next connection. Greeters can introduce guests to a new Life Group teacher or member, the Children's Pastor for children's drop-off, a Pastor or family in the Worship Center before worship, or even just a nearby friend to help them make a connection. Often, greeters at the information desk will know better where and how to make these next connections.

Greeter Q&A's

How long does it take?
Greeters typically serve from 15 minutes before a service till 15 minutes after it starts, such as 9:15 - 9:45 AM or 10:45 - 11:15 AM.
Where do I greet?
Greeters are needed at the Information Desk, the Warren Rd entrance, and the South Entrance (Children's Pod). With more greeters, we'd also like greeters at the Rear Entrance, Coffee Area, Foyer, Worship Center, and parking lots.
What if I don't know how to help them?
If in doubt, you can always guide a guest to the Information Center in the foyer. There, you'll find other greeters, visitor information, Safe Team members, and often a nearby Pastor that can help with next steps.
How often do I greet?
Currently, greeters are signing up on a week-by-week basis. When you register as a greeter, you'll give some indications as to your preferences and we'll follow up with you about a longer-term schedule.